About AKD Sakkaniamma College of
Education for Women

Smt. A.K.D. Sakkaniamma college of Education for women is a leading institute in Rajapalayam, Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu

AKDSCE run by Sri Rao Bahadur A.K.D. Dharma Raja Education Charity Trust - Rajapalaiyam

We have a history of excellence and repute and have a solemn commitment to address ourselves vigorously to the needs arising from a dynamic and rapidly changing society by aligning ourselves to the requirement of the new age of teaching, disseminating new knowledge and developing application for existing knowledge. We also believe in preparing life-long learners who are able to apply their knowledge in a cross cultural and diverse society.

The institution has dedicated itself to the service of society by educating teachers and preparing professional educators for all levels. The college is affiliated to The TamilNadu Teachers Education University.


Sri. S.K. Chandrasekar Raja President
Sri. A.A.S. Shyam Secretary
Thiru. S.K. Chandrasekar Raja Member
Sri. S.G. Muthumani Member
Sri. P.S. Raja Guru Member
Sri. S.G. Suresh Member
Sri. V.D. Karthik Member
Dr. Smt. V. Ahila Ruby Shanthakumari, Principal Member
Smt. S. Kaleeswari, Asst. Prof. of Phy.Sci. Member
Smt. V. Chitradevi, Asst. Prof. of Comp. Sci. Member

TNTEU Approval for the year of 2021 to 2024

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